Public Affairs

With 25 years of experience in the beltway we understand how decisions are made and how to influence them. Our team leverages both traditional and new-age strategies in order to impactfully tell your story and achieve public affairs goals. While we are pros at implementing modern public affairs strategies, such as digital campaigns, we also believe in the basic pillars of Washington – relationship building and pounding the pavement.



As a group of practiced politicos, we are active advocates both personally and professionally. Whether we are spreading a message for patient groups or working to promote economic policy, our people will share your passion and create a custom advocacy strategy. Contact us today and tell us what you’re passionate about.

event management

HCG professionals understand that a good public affairs campaign often goes beyond messaging and meetings and often requires custom events to drive support. Whether your organization needs to host a salon dinner, a panel discussion, or a Washington, D.C. executive fly-in day, our team is ready to provide a custom event strategy and execution.

Grassroots mobilazation

We are a “people person” kind of firm and enjoy bringing together groups that are interested in making meaningful change. Our professionals work hard to understand your mission, identify key partners to build coalitions and develop strategies to leverage community support.

Strategic research and planning

Every good public affairs campaign starts with research and planning. From the moment you begin working with us, our public affairs team will work with you to understand your organizational goals and develop a well-researched, tailored strategic plan.


government affairs

HCG knows how to navigate Washington. We have established relationships with decision-makers in Congress, federal agencies, the White House and national governmental organizations. HCG professionals will work with you to establish a unique plan to achieve your organization’s policy, legislative and regulatory goals.

Howard Consulting Group has delivered results for PhRMA for years. They are strategic thinkers who understand how to create and execute a strategy and we value them as a partner.
— Wes Metheny, Former Senior Vice President, PhRMA