We are experts at supporting both public-facing initiatives and B2B companies that aim to make a name for themselves. HCG professionals leverage our significant industry expertise to help businesses grow and become valuable industry thought leaders. We have a proven track-record of becoming more than just consultants to our clients, but rather trusted business partners.


Health Care

We know effective health policy is integral to the safety and longevity of our community. Our team has worked extensively within the industry, specializing in advocacy and non-profits, to help clients navigate the sector’s highly-politicized waters. While our clients define solutions and goals, our team develops cohesive messaging and cultivates relationships with industry leaders, patient groups and government officials to gain support for health initiatives.



We know how important transportation, energy, water, waste and communication networks are to economic development, and our team has worked within the industry and understands how to navigate its unique political challenges. We give our clients the resources and support they need as they work to improve our communities. 



We are passionate about working with innovators. Our team has extensive experience consulting for scientists, researchers and trade leaders, and we understand the unique challenges. We have mastered the precise nature of communicating complex science and recognize the challenge of working in a highly-regulated field. While our clients work in their labs to develop next-generation solutions, we diligently develop sustainable storylines to translate complex science. We are adept in garnering positive press coverage to meet your goals, either through B2B efforts or gaining public attention.



At Howard Consulting Group, we enjoy the challenge of working with technology clients. We understand that technology companies work in fast-paced environments and the nature of the business demands public affairs professionals who can keep up with the ever-evolving products and pipelines. Our team is well-suited to provide translatable storylines that promote tech clients’ products and organizational goals.